Natural Sugarcane Muscovado

What is Muscovado Sugar? How is it different from brown sugar?

Muscavado sugar is partially refined cane sugar that retains a high proportion of molasses and is rich in micronutrients.

Another common cane sugar product is brown sugar, but Muscavado sugar is an elevated version. It takes a longer production time as the steps are more complicated and stringent. Higher quality materials are also required.

Why not just consume granulated white sugar?

White sugar is made from sugar beets and highly refined, meaning it barely contains any nutrients. White sugar also causes your blood sugar levels to spike quickly.

On the other hand, muscavado sugar is certificated as Low-GI food, so your blood sugar levels rise and fall at a slower rate. In turn, also gives you better blood sugar and insulin control. Enjoy sweetness in a healthier way!

How does your product compare to other brands?

Our product is made from 100% sugarcane. Many similar products on the market are not truly 100% made of cane sugar. If you pay attention to their ingredient list, you might find added white sugar to increase the sweetness, which defeats the purpose of opting for muscavado sugar.

Who is this product for? Is it safe to consume during pregnancy?

Our products are for anyone seeking these benefits, especially for women. **See precaution below

It is not recommended during pregnancy. However, our product is beneficial for post-pregnancy recovery.


If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is highly recommended to monitor and limit your intake as it is still a type of sugar.

Is it safe to drink this along with other medications?

Yes, it is safe to consume with other medications.

How long will it take to see benefits? Is it considered a medication?

This is a nourishment, not medication. It is meant to strengthen your body in the long run. It cannot cure diseases like other medication. If experiencing severe body conditions, please see a doctor.

Suggested intake?

We recommend usage of our product at least once every other day for a day to day nourishment.

For women during the period of menstrual cycle, we suggest at least 1-2 cubes per day.

Is it gluten free?

Yes. Our products are 100% cane sugar and does not contain any gluten proteins.