Our "Young" Journey

“Young" is the homophone of "" in Chinese, which stands for Nurture.

“Young” is our body goal, staying healthy & energized

“Young” is embodied in our innovative products, introducing ancient knowledge into the new generation's lifestyle.

A healthy, balanced diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle. For thousands of years, healthy food and a balanced diet have been recognized as crucial factors in achieving a long and robust life, whereas unhealthy eating habits have been the culprit for causing health problems.

It’s never too late to start on the path of nurturing, but it takes consistency to keep our system nourished day by day.


In a world filled with unhealthy foods containing chemical additives, we want to re-introduce the gift of our nature. Natural ingredients with no chemical contamination.

Based on thousands of years of ancient knowledge and rigorous scientific analysis, we will roll out various series of products targeting different health goals. Besides the product's healthiness, the flavor is another crucial factor in our product development. We want everyone to be able to nourish their body without compromising the taste.

We might not be able to skip all the unhealthy food, but it’s time to start treating our bodies a little better. “Prevention is better than the cure.”